Coming Soon: New Class starting August 6th!!!

New Mobility Yoga Class coming to Kapow Fitness starting August 6th 

Tuesdays at Noon experience a dynamic new class utilizing alignment techniques, core strengthening, PNF stretching, and some modern dance and Yoga method- we get you serious results. This is not a zen stretch class- this mobility course will make you sweat.


Introducing: Chelsea Ferrando

Chelsea is a Toronto based Athlete/Artist that is passionate about the human body, and all its possibilities.

A purple belt, she’s been practicing Brazilian Jiujitsu for a collective of 9 years, and has taken home gold at the provincial, national and international level.

Practicing a combat discipline, as well as the wear and tear on her body through dance- taught her the importance of reinforcing the body’s infrastructure through exercise, and rehabilitative movements. 

A dance background of 20+ years, Chelsea has studied and professionally performed many styles of dance/movement. Offering instruction in modern movement and dance since 2003- her blend of Jiujitsu, dance movement and strength training make for a unique style of training and working with bodies. Chelsea can offer you insight into a more supported and functional way of living through your body.